Anthony Egan SJ, PhD

Anthony Egan SJ, PhD




  • STL., Licentiate in Sacred Theology, Weston Jesuit School of Theology, Cambridge MA, United States (Theology). Concentration in Moral Theology, minor in Liturgy & Sacraments. [My licentiate thesis examined the ethics of terrorism and counterterrorism. My supervisors were: Professor Thomas Massaro SJ (now at Fordham University New York) and Professor Kevin Burke SJ (now at Jesuit School of Theology, Santa Clara University)
  • M.Div., Master of Divinity, Weston Jesuit School of Theology (now School of Theology & Ministry, Boston College), Cambridge MA, United States (Theology). [I was allowed to take five courses per semester, plus summer break courses, so I in effect did the 3-year M.Div. and STL concurrently. These included two courses (on Gnosticism and Just War Theory) at Harvard Divinity School, as well as the Summer Preaching Institute, Aquinas Institute, St Louis MO, USA (2000) and Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), First Level, Emmanuel College, Boston, MA, USA (2002). My major in the M.Div. concentrated on Moral Theology.
  • Ph.D., Doctorate in Philosophy, University of the Witwatersrand (Political Studies) [My dissertation was a biographical study of Douglas Thompson, a South African Methodist pastor (and committed Marxist) who worked within the Congress Alliance – ANC and aligned movements – and whose praxis anticipated liberation theology in South Africa by two decades. Supervisor (and First Examiner): Professor Tom Lodge. External Examiners: Professor Shula Marks (London); Professor Jeff Guy (Natal)]. Research funded by Human Sciences Research Council.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) B.A., Heythrop College/University of London (Philosophy & Theology) [Subjects included: Greek Philosophy, Epistemology & Metaphysics, Ethics, New Testament, Systematic Theology, Philosophy of Religion, Political & Liberation Theology. I also audited Old Testament.]
  • Master of Arts (MA) .,University of Cape Town (History) [Thesis on the history of Catholic student politics in South Africa. Supervisor: Professor Basil Le Cordeur. Examiners: Professor Rodney Davenport (Rhodes), Professor Greg Cuthbertson (UNISA)] Research funded by SA Human Sciences Research Council.
  • Bachelor of Arts Honors (BA Hons)., University of Cape Town (History). [Including a research report on the origins of the South African Liberal Party. Supervisor: Professor Basil Le Cordeur.]
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA), University of Cape Town (Majors: History & English) [Other subjects included Afrikaans-Nederlands, Latin, International Law]


  • 2020: God’s Universe, Our Responsibility: A Book of Meditations [on Creation, Evolution, Christ and Ecological Responsibility] (Johannesburg: Jesuit Institute South Africa).
  • 2017: Care for Our Common Home: A Workbook Based on Laudato Si’ Encyclical Letter by Pope Francis on the Environment (Johannesburg: Jesuit Institute South Africa) [co-authored with Dr Martin van Nierop]
  • 2016: Deepening Friendship with God: Daily Reflections for Lent (Johannesburg: Jesuit Institute South Africa) [co-authored with Trevor Hudson & Russell Pollitt SJ]. United States Edition published by: Nashville TN: Upper Room Books 2018.
  • 2015: Have Mercy, O Lord! Daily Reflections for Lent (Johannesburg: Jesuit Institute South Africa) [co-authored with Grant Tungay SJ, Russell Pollitt SJ, Annemarie Paulin-Campbell, Puleng Matasaneng, & Frances Correia]
  • 2014: A Revolution of the Spirit: Daily Meditations for Lent 2014 (Johannesburg: The Jesuit Institute South Africa) [112pp]
  • 2012: The Church and War in the 21st Century (Pietermaritzburg: Cluster Publications) [104pp]
  • 1991: The Politics of a South African Catholic Student Movement (Cape Town: UCT Centre for African Studies) [150pp]