Our Pedagogy

Seminars and Public Lectures

Monthly seminars (conference) known as Hekima Peace Forum, are an integral part of the HIPSIR academic program. Topics pertinent to the study of conflict analysis, peacebuilding, policy analysis, transitional justice, post-conflict reconstruction, forced migration, and the conduct of international relations are presented by experts in the field, academics, and students. The seminars serve as an important forum for networking with other academic, research, and civil society institutions in the search for peace.


A team of well-qualified lecturers drawn from local and international universities provides instructions on selected courses in conflict resolution, international relations, and social science research. Emphasis is placed on theory, methodology and practice to develop the students’ analytical and critical abilities.


Professional Training

HIPSIR also tries to share its knowledge with the people n the world outside academia. It offers short focussed training in peacebuilding, phsycho-social health, conflict analysis, governance and reconciliation, leadership and management at the end of which the trainees are offered a professional certificate. It is a way of empowering communities and civil servants, society members to help in creating a secure and peaceful community and society.


The Institute trains, encourages, and promotes conducting research on the dynamics of different conflict situations, on-going peace processes and conflict trends, international peacekeeping and regional peace, refugees and displaced persons, and human rights issues. The students are required to submit a research project in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Master’s degree at HIPSIR. The aim is to produce raw data on the reality on the ground, make a theoretical analysis, and propose practical solutions. HIPSIR is also initiating a research center that will bring together both academics and practitioners with the aim of documenting, appraising, and disseminating the theory and practice of peacebuilding and international relations


HIPSIR is equipped with a modern library and information technology facilities. The Institute is subscribed to many online and print journals on peace studies and international relations. HIPSIR also has conference facilities as well as 14 self-contained rooms and 6 shared rooms.


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