Research & Publications

Research & Publications

Journal Article

1. Elias O. Opongo et al (July 2019) “South Sudan’s Costly Conflict and the Urgent Role of Religious Leaders.” The Review of Faith & International Affairs, 17:2, 37-46.

Elective Courses

1.Elias O. Opongo (ed) (2019). Religious Extremism and Violence in Africa: Reviewing the Practice of Intervention and Inter-Religious Dialogue. Nairobi: HIPSIR Research Series

2. Elias O. Opongo et al (eds) (2019). The State and Nation-Building Processes in Kenya Since Independence: Remembering the Marginalized and Forgotten Issues and Actors. Bameda: Langaa RPCIG

3. Elias O. Opongo SJ, (2018) Extractive Industries in African – Addressing conflict and integrating Sustainable Development. Nairobi: Paulines Publications.

4. Elias O. Opongo, SJ and C.A Mumma-Martinon (2018) TRUTH TELLING AND CULTURAL DYNAMICS AMONG MALE VICTIMS OF VIOLENCE:The Case of Mt. Elgon, Kenya a [ View Document ]

5. Elias O. Opongo SJ, (2018) Pope Francis on Good governance and Accountability in Africa. Nairobi: Paulines Publications.

6. Elias O. Opongo, SJ (Ed.) (2017/12) KNOWLEDGE AND POLICY GAPS IN EXTRACTIVE INDUSTRIES IN KENYA; A Baseline Survey in Turkana, Kwale, Lamu, Migori, Kitui and Taita Taveta [ View Document ]

7. Elias O. Opongo SJ and Dadirai Chikwekwete (2015), Building Social Conscience through the Continuing Formation of the Laity: Focus on Catholic Professionals. Harare: Africa Forum for Catholic Social Teaching (AFCAST).

8. Wansamo, Kifle SJ. (2016). An assessment of illicit small arms and light weapons proliferation and fragility situations: Somalia. In E. Omondi, SALW and its relation to cattle rustling, poaching, and state fragility in Eastern and Central Africa [HIPSIR research Paper for Regional Center on Small Arms (ECSA)]. Nairobi: RECSA.

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