chartered MediatorsHave you ever wondered who speaks for the rights of small scale miners/communities in the extractive industries? Hekima institute of peace studies and International relations (HIPSIR) with the help of our donor Misean Cara sponsored 12 individuals from Kwale County for a certificate course in Chartered Mediators in Extractive Industries from March 2019 to November 2019. The course evaluation exercise and certification took place at HIPSIR from 11th- 13th November 2019 and included 3 participants of the first Chartered mediators Cohort from Kwale and 11participants from the second cohort also from Kwale County. This opportunity gave them a chance to first further learn about Human rights issues, advocacy strategies and further give evaluation of the success of the course and its usefulness.

The course aims at training Chartered Mediators in the Extractive Industries who will act as a link between the community and multinational companies in the region, bringing out the answer to the question on who protects the rights and educates small scale miners/community. Generally, the course has successfully equipped the over 10 Chartered mediators from this cohort with skills on mediation, negotiation, dialogue, human rights issues in extractive industries and advocacy skills, the group also got their certificates after the last training. Looking forward, HIPSIR hopes to train more chartered mediators in mitigating conflicts and enhance peace building processes in communities.

By: Programs Office