CMT Consultation Meeting

CMT Consultation MeetingFor long, there has been an unclear resonance of where to find African conflict-related data. The fact that many western and other external independent firms such as NGO's and data service providing firms are always undertaking this kind of venture clarifies this observation. HIPSIR'S team of researchers SOUGHT challenged this by developing a reliable Conflict Monitoring Tool (CMT), which is proudly made by African people and for Africa. This was the main objective of the project.

On 4th of October 2019, HIPSIR conducted a follow-up meeting to clarify the nature of the project. In attendance were 15 participants from different cultural and social diversities including officers from FECCLAHA, IPHRD-Africa and other interested independent individuals. The presentations made on that day sought to specify the importance of the tool and the need to update it with current conflict-stricken areas in Africa. The participants emphasized the idea of diversity and inclusivity in order to accommodate gender perspectives.

Generally, the meeting aspired to solve an issue that has been there in the African society yet unnoticed or largely ignored; dependence on information on Africa's conflicts that non-African residents provide. The fact that the people from the African have better understanding and accurate information about the conflict situations in the continent informed this idea. By developing the CMT, HIPSIR would be at the forefront of pioneering conflict management and peace maintenance.

Article By; Samuel Mwaura (Intern)