Trans-Atlantic conference on Religion and Race (TRRR)Conference

TRRR Article webThe Trans-Atlantic conference on Religion and Race was held from 1st -5th July 2019 at Hekima Institute of Peace Studies and International Relations (HIPSIR). The conference was attended by over 60 participants different cultural diversities and religions across the globe. The conference was divided into 2 sections; Pre-conference and the main conference. The pre- conference involved site visits to Kibera and Eastleigh in a bid to learn more on what the local community CBOs are doing to promote peace and unity among people of different diversities. The conference brought together scholars from different religious and cultural back grounds and the main conference handled various topics in relation to religion and race. It started off with a topic on East African Perspectives on the Old divisions and new social formations which touched on Regional politics, Conflict and reconciliation in Eastern Africa. Issues such as the Immigration crisis and the church's response to the same were discussed and policy reforms proposed in order to intervene in the crisis.. Read more