Meet Our Alumni

Agatha Ndonga KenyanAgatha Ndonga (Kenyangraduated from the HIPSIR with a M.A in Peace Studies and International Relations in October 2015. She was motivated to study at HIPSIR by the Jesuit standard of education and her desire for knowledge and skills in pursuit of peace. Her studies at HIPSIR have enabled her to adequately link human rights and transitional justice to the peace aspect. Agatha is currently a program associate at the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ), an international NGO that assists countries pursuing accountability for past mass atrocities or human rights abuses. 


Hope Tichaenzana Chichaya ZimbabweanHope Tichaenzana Chichaya (Zimbabweanearned his M.A in Peace Studies and International Relations from the HIPSIR in graduation year. His passion and drive to study at the university was motivated by the interdisciplinary aspect of the M.A program and the Jesuit’s long-standing culture of academic excellence.While at HIPSIR, he was a beneficiary of the JEASAM and KAAD scholarships.  Hope believes that the program is relevant to the demands of the contemporary reality of Africa and the world. He is currently the programme manager at Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP) in South Sudan.  


James Damas Ngahy (Rev. Fr. Dr.) (Nigeria) holds a M.A in Peace Studies and International Relations from the HIPSIR. His role as a missionary in the field draws on many facets of his academic work, in particular the practical research work, he pursued at HIPSIR. Fr. James is currently working with Justice, Development and Peace Commission (JDPC), Ibadan Archdiocese; and partly lecturing Peace Studies both in Ibadan University and at International Institute of Journalism of Ibadan.