Master of Arts Degree in Peace Studies and International Relations

The Institute offers a Master of Arts Degree in Peace Studies and International Relations. Certificate Courses of 36 hours per course unit are offered regularly. Post-Graduate Diploma in the same field will be offered starting August 2015


M.A. Programme

The Master of Arts Degree in Peace Studies and International Relations is designed as an intensive two-year academic programme with an emphasis on the major subject areas of the theory and practice of international affairs and conflict resolution. The M.A. degree is awarded on completion of a 20,000 word thesis. Students have the option of taking day or evening classes. Students who cannot complete the program in two years have the option of stretching the program to four years.

The course consists of two parts:

 Programme Information

Academic Year and Semesters

An academic year is equivalent to two semesters. A semester consists of 15 weeks, of which fourteen are for teaching and instruction, and one week for examinations.

Definition of Credit Hours

A credit is defined as one contact hour per week for fifteen weeks. A unit which has three contact hours per week is a three credit course.

Structure of the Programme

Candidates will be offered a set of core and non-core courses each semester. Each candidate of MA Programme must take a total of 63 credits. This means taking the 10 obligatory core courses and 3 non-core courses. The student is expected to pass all the courses they have registered for during the semester. In addition students are required to do a 12 Credit course on Thesis Proposal Writing which is divided into two parts: class course work and thesis Proposal defense. The research field work and Final thesis account for 12 additional credits. Students will also be required to defend their thesis.

The Dean of Studies, the Director of the Institute, and students registered for a given course will evaluate the quality of teaching, based on adherence to the curriculum, punctuality, and other factors to be determined by the Institute.  

Examination Regulations

Students will not be allowed to sit the end-of-semester examination unless they have attended lectures and seminars regularly and consistently, and have covered not less than two thirds of the course. The final mark given for a unit will be a combination of course work and final examinations.For each unit, the pass mark will be 50%. This is based on a combination of coursework tests, assignments, term papers, practical work, class participation and end-of-semester examination marks. The allocation of marks are as follows:

In order to proceed to the next academic year of study, a candidate must pass in all the courses registered and examined in a given academic year, either by ordinary, supplementary or special examinations. 

 Supplementary Examinations

Any candidate who fails up to two courses in a semester with a mark of between 40-49% may be allowed to sit supplementary examinations within three months of the end of the semester in the academic year in which the course was offered. The pass mark in a supplementary examination shall be 50%. 

 Special Examinations

Any candidate who through unavoidable circumstances is unable to sit for one or more examination papers or continuous assessment tests may, on recommendation of the Examinations Board, be permitted to take special examinations in the relevant papers or complete his/her course assessment. 


Any candidate who fails supplementary examinations will repeat the course or courses. The maximum number of courses a candidate can repeat is three. One can repeat a course only once. 


 Grading System

The following grades are used in the graduate course work:

 Graduation Requirements

In order to qualify for the award of the Master of Arts in Peace Studies and International Relations, all M.A. students must:


For admission to the Master of Arts in Peace Studies and International Relations degree programme, candidates must satisfy the following requirements:

Each application must include registration fee of KShs. 2100 payable to Hekima College

Note: The applicant must ensure that all the above documents reach the Office of the Registrar before the application can be considered for review. 


MA application deadline is on 31 July for August intake and 30 November for January intake. Start your application early


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