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I am Andronicus Sikula, a proud holder of an MA in Peace Studies and International Relations from HIPSIR, obtained between 2012-2014.

My journey with HIPSIR began when I met a friend at a public university in 2011 where I had gone to submit my documents for admission into their master’s program. The friend convinced me to instead join HIPSIR since it had a richer MA program. After visiting the Hekima Institute that same week and consulting other friends in academia, I was convinced that this was the best place to take my MA. Since the registration period had lapsed at that time, I had to wait one more year to be admitted in 2012. I have never regretted that decision, not only because of the knowledge gained but also because of strong relationships built with fellow students as well as lecturers.

The HIPSIR MA program helped to advance my career because soon after I graduated, I landed a job with a key diplomatic mission in Nairobi, covering several countries in the region. Two years after joining the Embassy, I left to join Amnesty International, a leading human rights organization. Although I joined the organization as a Research, Campaigns, and Communications Officer, I was later given additional responsibilities of coordinating Amnesty’s China-Abroad program in the Eastern Africa region. The additional tasks were based on my focus on China during my MA program at HIPSIR.

My appeal to anyone wishing to undertake their masters in the area of Peace Studies and International Relations is to consider studying at HIPSIR.