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Hekima Institute of Peace Studies and International Relations

Why Study at HIPSIR

HIPSIR, being the earliest institution in Peace Studies and International Relations in Africa, has acquired more experience in offering quality education.  The Institute is primarily interested in forming men and women for others:
. persons able to look at the real-world as individually, communally, nationally and internationally experienced;
. to read with critical eyes and research on the phenomena to acquire depth in the knowledge; and
. engage actively and collaboratively with others in the transformation of oneself (as a responsible moral actor),  the community, the society, the country, and beyond. 
True to its Ignatian pedagogy, HIPSIR is committed to empowering its students towards the process of experience (see) - reflection (judge) - action (act) cycle.  It aims at forming its students to become critical and constructive thinkers who add value to the academic and social worlds.  It prepares them to be able to analyse issues of conflicts and violence at every level and place in the world, and offer concrete context-sensitive possible solutions to bring peace and reconciliation.  Beyond the academic and research, our graduates are able to work anywhere in the world, sensitive and appreciate different cultures within which they work.  The world is ours and our responsibility to engage to make it home for humankind and nature.  This is the endeavour towards which HIPSIR forms its students.
Facility: Beyond the experienced instructors/teachers, HIPSIR prides itself with up-to-date resources (e.g., reading and researching materials such as books) and subscribe to many online journals relevant to the field of peace and conflict studies and International Relations.