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Hekima Institute of Peace Studies and International Relations

HIPSIR engages in empowering and conscientising local communities by imparting knowledge on what is going around,

helping them to organize themselves, training their members in the area of conflict resolution methods such as conflict analysis,

basic research, negotiation, and mediation skills, and human rights and advocacy. 

In collaboration with funding agencies, HIPSIR has been engaging in empowering local communities in Extractive Industries so that

they become beneficiaries and not allow also their environment to be negatively exploited. 

In its Monthly  Forums, it invites academics, professionals, and researchers to dialogue on current topical issues and invites the public to participate.

HIPSIR, being the earliest institution in Peace Studies and International Relations in Africa, has acquired more experience in offering quality education.  The Institute is primarily interested in forming men and women for others:
. persons able to look at the real-world as individually, communally, nationally and internationally experienced;
. to read with critical eyes and research on the phenomena to acquire depth in the knowledge; and
. engage actively and collaboratively with others in the transformation of oneself (as a responsible moral actor),  the community, the society, the country, and beyond. 
True to its Ignatian pedagogy, HIPSIR is committed to empowering its students towards the process of experience (see) - reflection (judge) - action (act) cycle.  It aims at forming its students to become critical and constructive thinkers who add value to the academic and social worlds.  It prepares them to be able to analyse issues of conflicts and violence at every level and place in the world, and offer concrete context-sensitive possible solutions to bring peace and reconciliation.  Beyond the academic and research, our graduates are able to work anywhere in the world, sensitive and appreciate different cultures within which they work.  The world is ours and our responsibility to engage to make it home for humankind and nature.  This is the endeavour towards which HIPSIR forms its students.
Facility: Beyond the experienced instructors/teachers, HIPSIR prides itself with up-to-date resources (e.g., reading and researching materials such as books) and subscribe to many online journals relevant to the field of peace and conflict studies and International Relations.

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Welcome to the 2020-2021 academic year!

A warm welcome to you, our students, to Hekima Institute of Peace Studies and International Relations (HIPSIR) of the Hekima University College (HUC)!   To those of you who are just joining our community, we are conscious of your academic expectations which HIPSIR will not disappoint you.  With your full cooperation, participation, and commitment, it will be a memorable part of your journey in life, and we endeavor to make a significant contribution to your sense of fulfillment. Our institution embodies key values of excellence, integrity (honesty, truthfulness, fairness, respect, and responsibility), commitment to social justice, peace, and reconciliation.  We have full trust in you that you too join us in embracing and embodying these values. We encourage you to make the most of your time here.  HIPSIR offers a clean and academically conducive environment.  Where we all do what is required from each other, we all achieve greater height.  Welcome again to HIPSIR!

To our existing students, we express the joy of having you safe and sound and as ever committed to your academic endeavors.  We are here as a family to accompany each one of you as you continue your educational journey towards academic excellence that enables you to acquire deeper knowledge and build greater characters founded in truth and justice.   To all of you, our students, your college experience will be what you make it, and your opportunities will only be limited by the limits you place on yourself.   HUC avails all academic resources that are necessary to advance your academic dreams and expectations. We count on you to make this your better year with us. We are here to support you in every step of your academic journey.

HIPSIR, the earliest institute in Africa in the field of peace studies and international relations, started in 2004 and has marked its 16th Anniversary in 2020.  We thank God for the strides made by HIPSIR for the past 16 years, and we are happy that our alumni are active in promoting peace in their respective contexts. We will be happy to hear from you (our alumni) as you share your experiences with us and the rest of the world through any possible means (e.g., posting on our website your updates, writing to HIPSIR online Peace Dialogue, and publishing your reflections in 4-8 pages) on what you are doing to bring the little change so badly needed in our world today.   Originally, the marking of HIPSIR anniversary was planned to culminate with an international conference on the 21st to 23rd of October 2020 under the theme: Women, peace and security in Africa: Celebrating 20 years of UNSCR Resolution 1325. Unfortunately, COVID-19 affected the plan which is now postponed to next October 2021.  HIPSIR encourages all its alumni and current students to fully participate in this event. 

Hekima University College is a research-intensive and student-centered institution which fosters an institution-wide commitment to creating a strong, healthy future for our students and for our local and global communities. We have in the past had a privilege to have the international community represented in our student population and we look forward to having more from within Kenya and different parts of the world as we accompany you throughout your education and general growth.

If you are a HIPSIR alumnus, please fill in the update form to let us know what you are currently doing. We will be happy to hear from you. I invite you to explore and suggest what HIPSIR has to offer through our website, things that offer new aspirations and motivations to change our world together. Please take your time to explore and send us your opinions and suggestions.

With best wishes to you all!!

Rev. Dr. Kifle Wansamo Wakayo SJ

Hekima Institute of Peace Studies and International Relations (HIPSIR) offers MA degree in Peace Studies and International Relations. HIPSIR also offers accredited certificate courses in conflict analysis, transitional justice, human rights and good governance; peacebuilding, conflict resolution and reconciliation; Catholic Social Teaching; refugee, migration and peacebuilding; leadership and management, among others.... 

HIPSIR is part of Hekima College (founded 1984), which is a constituent college of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa We have registered a completion rate of more than 90% of the students who enroll.

Besides the central aim and purpose of providing courses in theology for the members of the Society of Jesus, the College was to "offer formation for men and women seeking to take their place in the evangelizing mission of the Church, be they religious or laypeople."  The "evangelizing mission of the Church" includes the transformation of the world we live in, making it more peaceful and secure for all human beings and nature.  Beyond the Church's mission, the transformation of our world is also the responsibility of every human person of goodwill; hence, such people need to be empowered to fully participate in it.  It is, therefore, in line with this second aim and to respond to new challenges that in 2004 Hekima College celebrated its 20th anniversary by opening another school – The Hekima Institute of Peace Studies and International Relations (HIPSIR)