Elias Opongo SJ, PhD

Political Science



B.A.,  Faculté de Philosophie, Saint Pierre Canisius, Universté  de Kinsasha (1996), Hekima College, Catholic University of Eastern Africa (2001)

Licence (STL)., Social Ethics Weston Jesuit School of Theology (2001)

M.A.,University of Notre Dame, Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Studies

Ph.D., Peace and Conflict Studies University of Bradford

Email: elias.opongo@hekima.ac.ke

Office Hours: By appointment   

Dr. Elias, SJ, a Jesuit priest. He also serves as the regional coordinator of the Africa Forum for Catholic Social Teaching

His teaching and research focus is in the areas of transitional justice and post conflict reconstruction, state building and community peace building. He is currently conducting research on –   interactive dynamics in transitional justice: international versus local approaches to justice.

His writings address peace building and conflict resolution. Among other books he has written the book Faith Doing Justice: A Manual for Social Analysis (2007)


PS640: Thesis Proposal and Presentation

PS514: Ethics of War and Peace-building


A. Books

 1)  (2016) Elias Opongo et al, Transitional Justice in Post-Conflict Societies in Africa. Nairobi: Pualines Publications Africa.

 2)   (2016) Elias Opongo, Informal Mining and Family Vulnerability in Kenya, Zmbia and Zimbabwe. Nairobi: Kolbe Press.

 3)  (2015) Elias Opongo and D. Chikwekwete, Building Social Conscience Through Continuing Formation of the Laity: Focus on Catholic Professionals. Harare: AFCAST.

4)  (2014) Catholic Leadership in Peacebuilding. Nairobi: Paulines Publications

5)  (2008) Peace Weavers: Methodologies of Peace Building in Africa. Nairobi: Paulines

6)  Publications Africa (edited)

7)  (2007) Faith Doing Justice: A Manual for Social Analysis, Catholic Social Teachings and Social Justice (Nairobi: Paulines Publications Africa), co-authored with A.E. Orobator.

 8)  (2006) Making Choices for Peace: Aid Agencies in Field Diplomacy (Nairobi: Paulines Publications Africa)


B. Book Chapters

1.       Elias O. Opongo (2014) “Empowerment of the poor presupposes investing in costly intellectual and strategic interventions (2014).” In Jörg Alt and Klaus Väthröde (eds) A Church for the Poor: A Contradiction. Weurzburg: Encter Verlag GmbH.

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C. Articles

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2.       (2010) The ICC intervention in Kenya: A challenge of delivering justice and peace Horn of Africa Bulletin (Nairobi: Life and Peace Institute)

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