Elisée Rutagambwa SJ, MPh, STL, PhD

Moral Theology



Doctorate Studies in Moral Theology (Social Studies)



« The Rwanda Church and the Challenge of Reconciliation. » In The Catholic Church and the Nation State : Comparative Perspectives, Edited by Paul Christopher Manuel, Chap. 10, Washington, DC : Georgetown University Press, 2006.

« Between Justice and Reconciliation: Paths Towards Complementarity. » In Practicing Reconciliation, Doing Justice, Building Peace : Conversations on Catholic Theological Ethics in Africa, Edited by Agbonkhianmenghe E. Orobator, SJ, 43-47, Nairobi : Paulines Publications Africa, 2013.


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Ethics, Human Rights, Catholic Social Teaching, Political Theology, Post-colonial and Genocides Studies.

Doctoral Studies in Moral Theology (Social Ethics)